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Advantages Of Pursuing Gardening As A Hobby


People pursue a hobby not as a means of earning money but for some recreation. It is something that is useful to pass your leisure time. Some of the most common hobbies are coin collecting, stamp collecting, learning to play an instrument, kite flying, etc. It is an activity that boosts your energy and aids in helping you to become a well-rounded person professionally as well as personally. Though each hobby has a host of advantages, gardening is a hobby which enables people to keep in touch with nature and its ways. It brings great pleasure to the gardener to see the flowers bloom; plants bear fruits and vegetables in their backyard. It is also fun to do the other activities like pushing the wheelbarrow full of debris, digging the soil, sowing the seeds, etc. This post will tell you all the advantages of pursuing gardening as a hobby.

Great form of exercise: Gardening is an excellent form of exercise. It involves a lot of digging, carrying stuff, pushing the wheelbarrow, sowing, watering the plants and harvesting. It enables you to have better endurance when you sweat it out in the heat. It also improves your flexibility as you need to do a lot of bending and standing which eventually leads to burning lot of calories. Gardening is also a great stress buster when you are digging the soil, watering the soil and see them grow.

Money saver: Though you can take up gardening as a hobby, it can also help you save some money in the long run. When you sow a lot of plants which can produce vegetables you can harvest them and use it rather than buying it from outside. Moreover, the plants you grow will be organic as you will not be using any harmful fertilizers to produce them. If you have only a small patch of land where you can grow plants, cilantro seeds can be sown.

Entirely organic: The veggies and fruits that you grow in your garden will be organic, though you can get them in stores the quality and authenticity of it being natural is not a guarantee. But when you grow the same in your backyard, you get to eat organic food without any doubts, and you have total control of the way the plant is grown.

Family bonding: Gardening done with kids is great bonding time with them, they get to learn things associated with nature like learning more about the different fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. They can personally grow these plants and also see up close the ants, worms, butterflies, spiders and other aspects of nature. They also get to learn more about being responsible and learn about owning things. Kids should be assigned the task of watering the plants, picking out weeds and other such activities which will help them to learn necessary skills of owning and taking care of things and being responsible. Kids also will be more than willing to try those veggies that they have grown themselves rather than buying it from a store. When they grow and eat what they have sown, it brings immense pleasure to them and may not complain about not liking a particular vegetable.