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Housekeeping Company Or A House Maid- Making The Right Choice

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We all prefer our house tidy and neat, but with such fast-paced life, we hardly get time to get take care of our home. Here is when the importance of professional cleaners arises. It has rather become a necessity than a luxury nowadays. Either hiring a professional maid or a dedicated housekeeping company to perform the cleaning process on some days of the week will make everything in order. They are truly one of our biggest support systems. You can explore various professional housekeeping companies like Maid 4 Cleaning Inc. offering services for personal households, commercial setups, etc. As per a review in, experienced and expert cleaning staff are comparatively faster and efficient in performing their job using best of the equipment and safe cleaning solutions according to the texture and material of the furnishing and flooring.

The primary choice needs to be made whether to hire an individual or a housekeeping company. Both have their advantage and limitation. Based upon personal choice a decision needs to be made. The appropriate way to go ahead is to ask them to do a facility visit to determine the estimate of price chargeable. Get the quotes, evaluate and then decide upon.

Certain consideration while finalizing the service provider are:

• The reliability and trustworthiness of cleaning staff: Since these individual works in proximity to your valuables and other belongings, there can be a risk of any theft or harm to the family members by these strangers. Hence a proper background check should be done as a precaution to avoid any harm caused. Choosing based on reference given by any family and friend is always the most reliable source of information regarding maid.

• Back up plan: Since we want our work to be timely done, any absence or delaying coming of a housemaid can adversely affect our schedules, therefore if we have a tie-up with professional housekeeping company, they can immediately provide an alternative service man usually available on a roster basis.

• Workers compensation liability coverage: It is important to identify the responsibility and liability of the parties involved. To safeguard oneself from the financial and legal burden, hiring a company who have complete insurance coverage for its employees or individuals hired on contract basis. In case of an accident, the concerned person should be efficiently compensated under insurance.
• Schedule telephonic or face to face interview: Before appointing any service provider or individual interaction is very important to understand their work techniques, personal hygiene, and presentation, compatibility, and nature of the person.

• Exploring the option of cleaning service guarantee: This is usually offered as an additional offering by professional housekeeping companies. This involves the guarantee by the service provider that in case of substandard cleaning or any part of facility left over by the cleaner, the agency will send a new cleaner within 24 hours to do the cleaning free of cost. This benefit lures many individuals to opt for housekeeping companies.

Once you have finalized upon the service provider, take them for a tour of the house to make them understand your specific requirements, dos and don’ts, and the frequency of the service required. Based upon these inputs only they would be able to quote the appropriate price.